Petrushka Dress

Petrushka Dress


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Beautiful tulle dress with uneven frill details in block colours, sleeve slightly shorter then full length, high collar stand, zip in the back of the dress.


Lining: 100% Viscose
Shell: 100% Pes

Girls Size Chart

Size by age2-3y3-4y5-6y7-8y9-10y11-12y13-14y
Average Height cm92-9898-104110-116122-128134-140146-152158-164
Chest cm54-5555-5759-6163-6769-7375-7981-84
Waist cm50-5252-5456-5860-6262-6466-7070-76
Hip cm54-5656-5861-6567-7173-7779-8386-95
Arm length cm32-3434.5-3739-4244-4748-5252.5-5756-58
Across Back cm22-2323.5-2424.5-35.526-2828.5-3030.5-3232.6-35.9
SKU: D5P-AW18 Categories: , , ,
SKU: D5P-AW18 Categories: , , ,

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