Fashion without compromise

A fresh, original kid’s wear brand, based in London, for children who are fashion conscious, stylish but still love to be carefree.

RaspberryPlum launched their first children’s wear collection at Pitti Bambino in 2014. Its founder Aleksandra Matthews is a graduate from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art. Originally from Belgrade, she moved to England as a child, her mixed identity is an important influence on her work and the provenance of the product.

The collection was created with the strong belief that children should be able to play, get messy, run around and still look stylish. As a blogger nicely described our first collection… ”It’s not obvious childrenswear. It’s cool, cleverly designed and perfect for any little girl. Feminine without being overly girlie. Contemporary without being a slave to trend. There is a definite nod to vintage, but overall the range is fun and more importantly wearable.”- by Dilly Foxtrot.

The RaspberryPlum collection is predominantly made using high quality fabrics. These garments are not only very stylish but also easy to look after. A great deal of attention is placed on detail, quality and finish.

A range of fun tights and socks are there to compliment the collection.

The collection is manufactured in Serbia as it is our aim to help re-establish and promote a once thriving apparel industry, which has suffered greatly as a result of political turmoil in the region over the past 20 years. This is a very personal project to us. We would like every member of out team to love being a part of RaspberryPlum, to love their work and to feel appreciated. Everything is sourced in Europe.

At RaspberryPlum ecological and environmental issues are very important to us. We try to avoid excess packaging and all of it is made from recycled materials. We also aim to produce all of our products within Europe in order to maintain a low carbon footprint.

Everything we do, we do out of love…

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